Splat-R-Ball Certified Splat-R-Ball Ammo

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The Splat-R-Ball Cerified Ammo bottle comes with 20,000 rounds of dehydrated Certified Splat-R-Ball ammo. After 4 hours, the certified Splat-R-Ball ammo will hydrate to 7.5mm and will be ready to shoot. They are Non-Toxic and will fragment on impact. The ammo will dry to a dust and will not stain.
  • 20,000 quantity
  • Hydrate to 7.5mm Diameter
  • Non-Toxic Ammunition
  • Splat-R-Ball’s fragment on impact
  • Splat-R-Ball ammo hydrates in 4 hours
  • Won’t stain surfaces
  • Fragments dehydrate and disappear