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The Yuma from Native Ground Blinds is perfect for concealing 1 person. It’s the favorite of the solo hunter, especially during turkey season. As with all other Native Ground Blinds, the Yuma does not have zippers or Velcro. The Yuma features 5 shooting windows and a mesh top for optimum viewing and stealth. The blind is also designed with brush holding straps that allow you to add additional camouflage of your choosing. The straps will hold limbs, brush, and other foliage that will make the blind even more difficult to see. The Yuma is also equipped with internal storage pockets that make it easy to keep gear close by and ready. Designed for easy transport, the Yuma uses the EZ Pack System; the system includes comfortable carrying straps so you can move the 7-pound Yuma with ease. Equipped with an H.D. stake system to ensure your blind won’t move. The Yuma’s walls are 56 inches tall and it has 3 sides with a hub to hub variable. The Yuma blind is ready to blend in effortlessly with the surroundings of your next hunt.
  • A favorite of solo hunters, especially during turkey season; equipped with internal storage pockets
  • Designed with external brush holding straps that will hold limbs, brush, and other foliage for additional camouflage
  • The EZ Pack System allows the 7 pound blind to be carried with a comfortable carry strap
  • The blind is 56 inches tall and has 3 sides with a hub to hub variable
  • This blind offers superior stealth without zippers or Velcro; features 5 shooting windows