Benjamin Bulldog 357 Caliber PCP Rifle

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The Benjamin Bulldog 357 Caliber PCP Rifle is a 357 caliber black bolt action multi shot PCP pre charged pneumatic rifle. It shoots up to 800 feet per second and delivers 200 foot pounds of energy. The Bulldog is a Bullpup configuration and it's overall length is short at 36 inches. It includes 26 inches of Picatinny rail and delivers 10 shots per fill. This airgun has a 3000 PSI pressure gauge and regulator, a rifled steel barrel, and a baffle-less SountdTrap shroud. It also includes a 5 shot magazine and a reversible side lever bolt for left hand shooters.
  • Shoots 800 feet per second
  • 200 foot pounds of energy
  • 26 inch Picatinny rail
  • 5 shot magazine
  • Sound trap shroud